Dexter has had its series finale Sunday night and with a heavy heart, we all must bid it goodbye. The show had 8 successful seasons. Fans tuned in religiously on Sunday nights to see who Dexter (Michael C Hall) was going to kill next and how he was going to avoid Miami Metro from catching onto him.

The series finale tied everything together and gave us and ending with room for a new beginning. Before we get into that, let’s recap what happened in the series finale. The episode opens up with Dexter walking quickly with Harrison (Jadon Wells) to their gate to catch their flight. Unfortunately, Elway (Sean Patrick Flanery) is in the boarding area to catch Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski). In order to create a distraction, Dexter tells an airport personnel that he saw Elway put a suspicious bag down and walk away from it. Airport security then escorts Elway out of the boarding area and they evacuate the boarding area.

As Dexter, Hannah and Harrison successfully leave the airport, Dexter gets news of Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) being shot. He makes his way to the hospital. Dexter tells Debra that he has ruined her life. She tells him not to blame himself and that he deserves to be happy. She wants him to say goodbye and go live his life. Dexter says goodbye, but doesn’t plan on leaving Miami until he takes care of Debra’s shooter, Saxon (Darri Ingolfson).

Dexter puts Hannah and Harrion on a bus and promises to meet up with them once Saxon is taken care of. Unfortunately, Elway is also the bus and he tells Hannah that they will get off in Daytona and he will hand her over to the authorities. Hannah later Injects Elway with horse tranquilizer and manages to escape with Harrison.

Saxon manages to get a veterinarian to stitch up his wound and has the doctor drive him to the hospital that Debra was being treated in. He cuts off the tongue of the doctor and sends him inside the hospital. Dexter reaches the hospital and sees the commotion that was going on and realizes that it was a ruse by Saxon. He rushes to Debra’s room and comes face to face with Saxon. Before Dexter could make a move, Batista (David Zayas) takes Saxon down.

Dexter then goes into Debra’s room only to find her missing. He looks around for Debra and finds Quinn (Desmond Harrington) who tearfully tells Dexter that Debra had stopped breathing so they brought her to the ICU. The doctor comes out and tells Dexter that Debra suffered from a clot post surgery which caused her to have a stroke and has basically left her brain-dead.

Dexter comes face to face with Saxon under the pretext of performing a gun-shot residue test and tells him that he blames himself for what has happened, but he still going to kill him with a pen. Saxon manages to grab the pen first and plunges it in Dexter’s shoulder. Dexter pulls it out and with one swift movement, plunges it into Saxon’s neck and bleeds him out. He then hits the panic button and tells the officers in a panic state that Saxon had tried to kill him. Angel, Dexter and Quinn watch the surveillance tape later and declare that Dexter killed Saxon in self defense

As the storm approaches, Dexter goes into the hospital and takes Debra off of life support. He whispers into her ear that he loves her before he takes her onto his boat. He calls Hannah and hears that she has safely boarded the plane. He tells Harrison that he loves him and then gives Debra a burial in the sea. Dexter’s voice-over tells us that he destroys everyone he loves and he doesn’t want to destroy Hannah and Harrrison. He takes his boat towards the storm and the screen goes blank for a few seconds.

Later we see that Batista gets news that parts of Dexter’s boat has been found, but no body. Hannah also reads the news of Dexter missing. Lastly, we see a somber Dexter working as a lumberjack and mainly keeping to himself. He is a mere shadow of his former self and the episode ends there.

Overall, the episode kept you glued to your screen. There was not a moment that was expected. The showdown between Dexter and Saxon was one of the best in the entire Dexter series. Dexter’s goodbye to Debra was the hardest to watch and yet it made sense that he wouldn’t be able to move past Debra’s death and go live his life with Harrison and Hannah.

What did you think of the series finale? Was it what you were expecting?  Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to Fuze.

Author: Rahmina C.



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