Here Have A Look At 4 Fan Photoshopped Pictures Of Your Favorite Stars!

TV Jodis And Fan Images
TV Jodis And Fan Images

Fans are the strength of any fandom. They always keep on supporting their favorites irrespective of whether they get anything back or not. Even if their lovable show has gone long off -air, they try to inject enthusiasm into the fandom by putting their creative foot forward. Be it in the form of edits or video mixes; they keep the fandom alive. Some fans also do photoshopping. They take a scene or a picture which they would like to have their favorites featured in and then crop the faces of their favorites in them. Neatly done, you need to cross check these twice to be sure whether these are edited pictures or not!

Here we have with us four such photoshopped pictures by the fans which show their creativity and love for their stars.

The first one we have is of Adiza, i.e. Aditi Rathore and Zain Imam. Paired opposite to each other in Naamkarann, we have seen many moments of their proximity. And here fans have photoshopped them into a casual picture.

The next one is of Narbhi aka Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna. Seen together in Ishqbaaaz, they were adored by many. Here is a picturesque edit on them made by their fans.

Then we have Ishqbaaaz’s Mannat and Kasautii’s Anurag in one frame. Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor shared crackling chemistry in Kaisi Yeh Yaarian series. The PaNi fans have kept their love for them high by this beautiful photoshop.

This one is a creative one. Starring Shrenu Parikh and Kunal Jaisingh, our ShreNal from Ishqbaaaz, this edit named ‘Serendipity’ eeks of beauty. We love how the background has blended with the characters.


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