Here’s A Look At The B, C, Ds Of Bepannaah As Per The Current Track!


The last two episodes of Bepannah have been giving me chills. Not just because so many mysteries got revealed, but also because of more to come.

And I am loving the fact that the writers of the show know how to keep piecing together the past bread crumbs into a very revealing and superb 51st episode, and that the writers have left many more unsaid mysteries to be revealed in the future.


B for Betrayal

The betrayal after betrayal that the characters had to handle in the 50th and 51st episodes were so heartbreaking. Who did you feel sorry for the most?

Is it Mahi, who despite all her evilness made us feel all the emotions of heartbreak when she took the courage to confess her love to Adi, but ended up breaking her own heart because of her dreams weren’t based on reality?

Was it Sakshi Aunty who felt betrayed by Adi since he refused to listen to her despite his claim of trusting her, but who was responsible for her own situation because she didn’t have the courage to reveal the truth of what she knew?


Was it Zoya who felt betrayed that her younger sister didn’t trust her enough to speak the truth to her and had been lying to her for months?

Was it Adi who after his blind trust in his ma-in-law got the biggest shock of his life, that she knew the secret behind Pooja and Yash? Or did you all feel betrayed that the story is yet again confirming an affair between Pooja and Yash.

Because I did feel a bit betrayed since I so wish for Pooja and Yash to have had a deep friendship, but not an affair.

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  1. Good points esp on all angles of betrayal.. amd esp.. well put on the closure that they r unable to see at other ends..
    The entire what happened that night mystery keeps us on the edge always! And just like uou Nivedita saya, I too wish pooja n yash were not in an affair.. it wid feel good for Adiya to know they weren’t cheated upon!


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