Here’s How Shaheer Sheikh Landed Up In His Debut Show – Disney’s Kya Mast Hai Life

Shaheer Sheikh With Kya Mast Hai Life Team

Popular actor Shaheer Sheikh has been sharing his treasured moments and memories with his fans and followers for a while now and his fans can’t help but be overwhelmed with all that the actor had to share.

In his latest post, the actor had something very special to share with his fans and that’s how he stepped in the television industry.

From revealing all the details about how he was offered his first Disney show ‘Kya Mast Hai Life’ to sharing his pictures with the cast and friends dating back then is the treasure we all never saw.

Well who knew the young lad starring in the show would be a star icon today like no other.

The way how the memories are unfolding with a story to each one of them can’t let us wait for what’s to come next.

But till then, you might as well check out the latest ones here –


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