Here’s How These Indian TV Families Remind Us Of The Houses From Game Of Thrones!

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The Game Of Thrones fever is gripping the entire nation and with its first episode already being aired, we are pretty much sure the viewers wouldn’t have been able to contain their excitement for the show.

And since everyone is quite in the GOT zone, including us, it made our minds go little berserk with GOT and the Indian shows clouding in at the same time.

So we just wondered how would it be like if the vivacious ‘parivaars‘ on Indian TV were from this famous series. And the results were below –

Disclaimer – Of course all the traits and the entire scenario of the families won’t match. However, we would just highlight some features of the families belonging to there and here and justify the vague similarities.

1. The Starks – The Singhanias –

With no venomous vamps and villains within the family and the loving parental jodi with their happy kids roaming around, the Singhanias from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, are perfect to fit in the shoes of House Starks.

The family bonding, siblings love and the sanskaar and paramparaas be the rule both sides and hence the suggestion.

Not to mention even the Starks (especially Jon and Sansa) have a habit of going by the word of their elders. ‘Father said this’ and ‘Mother said that’ are normal conversational habits between the brother and the sister.

The Singhanias are no less. ‘Mumma used to say this’, ‘Papa believes in that’ are regular dialogues of Naira and Naksh.

All in all, there’s no villain in the family. They are happy, united and loving towards each other. The sibling bond is also tremendous. And let’s just say both Ned and Naitik are just and nice men.

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