Here’s All You Need To Know About The New Man In Devanshi’s Life! – EXCLUSIVE

Piyush Sahdev To Enter Devanshi
Piyush Sahdev To Enter Devanshi

Colors’ Drama, Devanshi, a Full House Media production, has come up with quite an interesting twist and the way cards are unfolding one by one, it’s building up the excitement and curiosity with each passing episode.

Remember, the knight and shining armour who made a grand entry and saved Devanshi / Kalki, trapped in fire? Of course, we all do!

He is a mystery to all of us but not anymore. In an Exclusive chat with us, the producer of the show, Sonali Jaffar shared, “The new entry in the show is Paawan, a truck driver who with his hard work has rose up and now, owns a roadways empire. He is the person who saved Devanshi and helped her to come out of her depression and channelized her anger.”

Exciting enough? Wait! This will get you more excited. Paawan would claim to be Devanshi / Kalki’s husband!

Poor KS! Her dream of getting Vardaan and Kalki married or rather say, Devanshi and Vardaan remarried in order to have all the property is going to be shattered but at the same time, it would be interesting to see if it affects Vardaan. Will he get jealous of Paawan or will he continue to hate Kalki? I think, jealousy has more chances but, let’s see!

Actor Piyush Sahdev who was last seen as Samay / Rajeev in Beyhadh and impressed us with his superb acting skills will be seen essaying the character of Paawan.

This new track sounds too exciting to be calm and wait for the episodes to air but, that’s the only option. (Sigh!)

Stay tuned to Fuze for more buzz!

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