Here’s Shaheer Sheikh Claiming Not Being A Shayar Yet Bringing Some Mind Blowing Shayari Your Way

Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh

Shaheer Sheikh is a man of many talents and by now the entire industry and his fans are well familiar with his other innate abilities that he possesses, apart from acting.

The actor definitely knows how to slay it on screen but he definitely knows how to blow one’s mind with the sheer display of his creative side.

With yet another ‘king of the throne’ picture with his crown atop on his head and his beard making him look intense, picture the actor has jotted down this another piece of poem that he wrote.

While for once you’ll be captivated with the words, every bit of its depth and the beauty, his hashtag may just confuse you a bit so don’t bother relating the two.

And yes Mr Sheikh, just like you miss your beard, we miss your hair too so how about both the parties learn to live without them, eh?

Check out for his post below –


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