Here’s What Surbhi Chandna Is Watching Now And Got Addicted To!

Surbhi Chandna

With no sense of day and dates and the completely messed up body clock, we all are practically struggling to keep a track of time these days.

Well our favourite TV stars are feeling no different. Just like many others, the glamorous Surbhi Chandna is also hooked to binge watching the amazing content on Netflix these days, which earlier was far from reach due to the shooting schedules.

And guess what? The pretty one from Star Plus’ former show ‘Sanjivani’ is just addicted to THE VAMPIRE DIARIES !

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No matter if the world has watched it already, the actress cannot just get the addiction out that she has developed for the show and tweet in the middle of night is a proof enough of the same.

Well considering the intriguing stuff it has to offer, no wonder the actress is left hooked to it!

Stay tuned to this space for more updates! Till then, watch her tweet below –


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