Here’s Why Ishq Subhan Allah Is Topping The Charts Every Week!

Ishq Subhan Allah

Ishq Subhan Allah on Zee TV started off with a controversial note. One may agree or disagree with it, but the main point is – The show successfully made you take a note of it and hear once the matter it wanted to put forth.

The things that would really strike with the audience is the bold attempt of the show in bringing up questions that people do have in their minds but no one dares to find an answer to.

The major reasons why the show has successfully topped the charts and is still topping would be the following –

Ishq Subhan Allah
Ishq Subhan Allah

1. The Show Raised Questions

As we said, you may agree with it or not, but questions that were never raised openly before were raised in the show since the very first episode.

It has been a rather bold step on part of the makers to make Zara raise these questions on the face of the orthodox mentality.

It may hurt sentiments, but it would make an open minded person think once about logical explanations too.

More so, her approach towards asking questions in the subject of gender equality or divorce with reference to Islamic rules and regulations are raised in absolutely crisp and straight forward manner!

The best thing about Zara is, she talks whatever she feels is the right thing, no matter if its her friend, mother, would be husband or anyone – She reserves the right to question if she feels she is been misled, mistreated or wronged in the name of traditions or religion.

It somehow jolts you out of your monotonous being while seeing her bold attempt of asking questions under certain circumstances.

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