Highlight Of The Day : Emotions Out-pour for Rey and Kria in Dil Dosti Dance

Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance : Rey and Kria Asked To Get Married!

‘Highlight Of The Day’ is the section where we bring to you the scene or episode of a particular show that was the most attention gaining/attractive episode or scene from the previous day which made the viewers glued to their screens.

Yesterday in Dil Dosti Dance, Rey and Kria were wandering around the village looking for their gang of friends. While wandering, truths are spoken, hidden facts are revealed, apologies are made, unconditional trust was voiced, with every inch screaming of the care and love they have for each other. Kria finally reveals to Rey why she left him in the past. Further she also tells him that her mother is no more. What follows is a series of heart touching dialogues spoken and support rendered between the two of them with emotions outpouring and overpowering love visible to the naked eye with the perfect song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ in the background. Rey and Kria’s emotional moment clearly strikes a chord in the heart. Thus Dil Dosti Dance makes its way for being our Highlight of the day.

Dil Dosti Dance
Highlight Of The Day – Emotions Out-pour for Rey and Kria in Dil Dosti Dance
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