Hometown Cha Cha Cha : 5 Reasons Why It Is The Best Stressbuster K Drama Of 2021 – A Must Watch!

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Hometown Cha Cha Cha started airing on tvN network in South Korea back in August 2021. Yesterday, they aired the final episode of the K Drama, one must acknowledge the fact that Hometown Cha Cha Cha has been one great stressbuster drama. It would make you happy, gladden your heart and somewhat bring peace to your mind.

Lack of complications, fulfillment in life and moreover dynamic and touching human relations are explored in the drama beautifully.

Hye Jin – The Female Lead

A successful and elite dentist from Seoul named as Hye Jin argues with her boss as she suggests over treatment of a patient. She ends up protesting against it and eventually leaves her job.

She then goes back to the sea side town where her  mother used to take her. As the story progresses, the dentist leaves behind the thoughts of applying for a job and opens a dental clinic in the same town.

The small town life makes it easy as well as difficult for her as she too habituated with the luxuries of a metro city.

How she tries to befriend the town people, how they end up loving the doctor who they all thought to be a little ‘too proud’ and selfish is a journey to adore.

Also this journey is relatable for Indians as there are several cultural similarities that an Indian viewer would stumble upon.

Du -Sik – The Male Lead 

This man is interesting, admirable and of course a Jack of all trades kind of guy.

When Hye Jin meets him, she goes in complete confusion so as to determine what in the world this man can’t do? He can do everything! He is an engineer from the Seoul National University. A brilliant mind. Yet he stays in this small hometown and does things for the people of the town.

He can be a coffee maker, a real estate broker, a fish market auctioneer, an interior designer, a wall painter, a departmental store handler, a mechanic, a cook in a restaurant – You name it and you will find him doing it for you.

Moreover, the magic about this man that would attract you the most is his caring attitude. He is the one who takes care of the entire elderly population in the town, if you are in a problem just make one call to him and he, your problem solver, would run to you. He is like an angel who thinks about all and does everything he can for them. We can call him the Santa Claus of the town. It’s just that this Santa doesn’t only tend to children but also grandmas and grandpas.

But the mystery that the makers kept up until the 15th episode was why despite his brilliance and capabilities, Du Sik was so unwilling to do a full time job or why he was in this small town doing all sorts of part time jobs whereas he had all the ability and qualification to become a billionaire corporate man in Seoul?

The tragedy in his life that  broke him was kept hidden for a long time. We will not reveal it here because if you still didn’t watch the show, you must watch it to find out.

The Beautiful Characters 

No one is a villain in the show. And everyone has a background that we can relate to. Whether it’s about losing someone dear to them or about broken relationships or about being lonely – Each character has a struggle of their own. Yet the beauty of this story lies in the fact that none of them spend a depressing life.

All of them despite their own issues try to remain happy and also make others happy. This innate quality of the neighbours in the town make the entire neighbourhood a close knitted family.

There are single parents struggling to bring up their children, there are divorced couples, there are elderly parents left behind by their children to live all alone, there are people without any family – Yet not once these issues would take you the darker way. In fact the drama clearly teaches you to find the positives in life, live to the fullest, enjoy every moment of it and also be humane.

The show actually explored human relationships in the best way possible – Relationships that are not blood relations but that have a heart to heart connection.

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Hometown Cha Cha Cha

The Town 

The seaside town itself is another reason to watch the drama. Hometown Cha Cha Cha already is a stress buster and add up the beautiful locales of the place and you will surely feel a calming effect on you.

The calming blue sea, the beautiful green and the mountainous roads will make you feel like rushing to a similar place right away.

The makers made sure that the humane story is backed with the visuals of the nature to make the viewers feel the vibe of the town in an absolute manner.

The Chemistry

If you are someone who love watching romance then also Hometown Cha Cha Cha won’t disappoint you.

The love story of Hye Jin and Du Sik become quite passionate after they realize they are in love. The light moments between them and mostly the conspiracies of the town people to bring them closer will make you smile continuously. Let’s give it to actors Kim Seon Ho (Du Sik) and Shin Min-A (Hye Jin) for their beautiful portrayal of the characters.

Add Ons 

1. We bet you will fall in love with the elderly grandma Gam-Ri. You can’t run away from her charm.

2. You also will have to fall for the two children Bo-ra and Yi-Jun. While Bo-ra is the outgoing child, Yi-Jun’s maturity and calm nature will make you adore him.

3. Director Ji is another charming man in the story. The level headed and kindhearted guy is someone who is nothing short of a hero. He will make you love him and also smile very often in the drama. His friendship would be priceless to anyone.

Yesterday, tvN aired Hometown Cha Cha Cha’s final episode. The show is a huge hit in the history of South Korean television. Thanks to Netflix, it’s also a global hit. If you havent watch it yet  then go for it. After a stressful day, this K drama would be a perfect tonic for you.

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