Hrithik Roshan In Jhalak Finale


For all the Jhalak fans out there, the grand finale is not only going to be a treat because of the amazing performances that we will see and that we will finally have our winner, but also because the most amazing dancer, Hrithik Roshan, will be gracing the Jhalak stage! Are you excited to see Hrithik on Jhalak?

On another note, it seems the popular Koffee With Karan will be coming back in December. Karan Johar has told IANS that “‘Koffee With Karan’ will be on air in December. I will start shooting for it in December.” This is definitely a show to look forward to. Who would you like to see on Koffee With Karan? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author: Rahmina Chowdhury

Editor: A. Patel


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