Be Humble As We Learn From Karan Tacker : Image and Line Of The Day

Karan Tacker
Karan Tacker

Every image carries a message. Every smile and every tear has something to teach. Every flower doesn’t smell but what smells good doesn’t need to be a flower always. Life is hard yet small things make it beautiful. From now, to make your day start with a message and with a theme, we hereby bring you pictures of your favourite stars merged with little bit of tit bits from life’s experience as even they don’t realise when they make us learn things from them! Just to make your day good? Hopefully our ‘Image and Line Of The Day’ would be a good start for all our readers to start off their day with.

Image and Line Of The Day :

“I have had people who look up to and like actors whom they would like to be. I understand what the audience go through when they see an actor. I make an extra effort to leave a bit of memory, a little bit of myself with them that they want to remember in a good way.

It’s morally and ethically a give and take relationship. The fans are sweet genuinely. I love the looks on their face when they suddenly see an actor whom they never expect to see. I feel that to be very beautiful. At least that is something I can do, wait, get a picture clicked and give them a hug” – Karan Tacker (Interview Published Dated December 31st 2013)

Karan Tacker
Karan Tacker

Being humble, courteous and polite to people earns you more respect and love. So, let’s just be good to everyone we meet and greet today and our day would give us contentment.

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