Humsafars : Will Sahir Be Revealed As Arzoo’s Humsafar?


Sony Entertainment Television and 4 Lions Productions’ Humsafars is going to take an interesting turn with Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) and Sahir (Harshad Chopda) ending up at the same Dargah at the same time. As we earlier reported, Arzoo passes by the Dargah and ends up going in, while Sahir’s car breaks down near the Dargah and he ends up going in as well.

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Sony recently released a promo where we see a Pir Baba at the Dargah telling Arzoo that the time is coming when she will meet the man with whom she’s meant to spent the rest of her life. He further says that he’s nearby only and we see a glimpse of Sahir near Arzoo. The Pir Baba says that he is the person who will be there for her throughout her life and that he is her humsafar.

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Will Arzoo and Sahir come across one another at the Dargah? Will Arzoo make the connection? So far all we’ve seen them do is argue. Do you think that Arzoo will be able to see past the rough exterior and see that there might be something more or is it too early for that?

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