Ian Somerhalder’s new comrade


Ian Somerhalder commonly known as the witty and smoky, Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Dairies is not only famous for his looks, but also for his affection towards animals and other social causes. The actor has founded IS foundation which is providing care to animals and comprises of volunteers. Since then, Ian Somerhalder has traveled across places to inspire support towards preserving the environment and it’s natural habitat.

The actor has recently been tweeting regarding his recent trip to Africa. He seems especially fond of an elephant named Dajewe, whom he met in Africa. Ian tweeted, “Just found this picture of me and my little orphan friend In Africa named Dajewe-she’s being raised by one of my Biggest Heros-Allan Savory, his amazing wife Jody &their incredible family/team in Zimbabwe. I miss Africa…So much.”

He posted the above tweet on March 29 with a picture of his sitting on the elephant and cuddling him. Sources reveled that Dajewe used to come down everyday where Ian used to have his breakfast and then he would feed her sugar cubes and later she paid her admiration to him by allowing him to ride her. Surely, Ian does seem very passionate with his goals apart from acting. His passion for the environment and the wildlife has raised awareness among his Twitter followers.

Author: Swati Sahoo

Editor: A. Patel


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