If Not An Actor I Would Be A Cricketer – Rohit Bharadwaj of Mahabharat

Rohit Bharadwaj
Rohit Bharadwaj
Rohit Bharadwaj
Rohit Bharadwaj

1)  Which is your favourite sport to keep yourself fit? 

 I am a great lover of cricket. 

 2) Who do you like in cricket? Sachin Tendulkar or some other prominent cricketer?

 Look, Sachin Tendulkar is God, no comments on him. After that I like Yuvraj. How he fought during the cancer phase proves that he is a fighter. It is not easy to do and that is why I like him because mentally you need a lot of balance, lot of strength and sport is something for which you need a lot of stamina. In such condition, it’s very tough to rebuild yourself. So for me he is a real fighter.

3) Do you play Cricket?

Yes. We play on the sets sometimes, to just relax and feel normal.

4) Did you always want to be an actor? 

No. I wanted to be a cricketer.

5) So if not an actor then you would have been a cricketer?

Yes. Of course.  Because in the last ten years cricket has changed a lot. There is twenty-twenty and there are a lot of options and new guys are coming in the sport.When I was a kid there were no such options. If not an actor I would be a cricketer but I think I am not  a good cricketer. I am more of a cricket fan.     

Interview: Surya Ravi

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