In Conversation With The Ishqbaaaz Writer And Showrunner Harneet Singh : Shivaay And Anika – Dono Tedhe Hain But Mere Hain!


This is one question that every Ishqbaaz fan is wondering since the show shifted to the redux phase. Will we ever go back to the original phase or will it continue with redux only from hereon?

Right now I think the redux is in the most intense phase and fact is that this is a story which we have never told – of the brothers splitting and the emotional separation. Also it is a beautiful phase between Shivaay and Anika because right now Anika is his protector. This is a new shade of their relationship, where Shivaay is no longer Shivaay Singh Oberoi. We are dealing with a broken guy. We have never seen Shivaay like this.

It’s a very big gamble because Shivaay is the hero of the show and Shivaay works as a badass. We know it, our ratings always tell us. Because we wanted to tell this story, because we wanted to bring a fresh challenge and we wanted to show this aspect which we had not dealt with, this is something which is true to this zone only, the redux zone.

And I think right now it is going well in terms of the story and the characters. The drama has just started. This is a very interesting track and also perhaps for the first time we are seeing a character dealing with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and we are trying to keep it as real as possible. Of course it’s a fiction show and I can’t make it like a documentary but we have charted an interesting journey ahead for this character.

The interpersonal chemistry have changed. And I think for now many interesting things are going to happen and whether we get back or not, is something I believe we should just wait and watch.


Handling two more jodis must be a task at times when fans keep pestering on and off about the screen space of their favourites. How do you juggle and handle the same when that comes your way?

The intention always was to have three brothers and their story but when we started doing the show and then the ratings and the research came in, we realized that for the audience there is only one central love story that works.

We still tried to give everybody their due and we have done that. Like I said because we were not finding the space for OmRu’s story, a spin off, DBO (Dil Boley Oberoi) was made. Just for that we setup the characters. We introduced Gauri there, introduced Bhavya there and then we carried that story. Then the shows got merged and everybody had their story, everybody had their moments. But people have to realize that ultimately there are only those many minutes I have in an episode.

Viewers start following one character and you ultimately have to write holding that character. In Ishqbaaz it is Shivaay, who has sort of become the alpha, has sort of become the protagonist.


Now everybody has their story, everybody gets their track, very important tracks; Rudra’s wedding I think was a very important track. Because in that track the whole nafratbaaz gang got exposed. Gauri and Omkara had their #MeToo and I still think that the Bareilly track of Omkara and Gauri was important. We try and balance it out as much as we can. At the end of the day fact of the matter is that, people follow one character and then his story and his relationships are highlighted more.

Try not to see this show as three separate love stories, try to see it as a family show where every character has an important part. And the moment you see the show like that, trust me you will have no reason to fight. And you will understand kiska track chal raha hai aur kya chal raha hai.

And I will always say this, in other shows the hero’s brothers are written like hero’s brothers. In this show we have always tried to write and mount even the other two brothers (OmRu) as heroes. If you notice, now also, after the leap all three of them have their distinct characters, all three of them have their distinct looks, there is no compromise on anyone.

And it’s just that audience largely follow one story. Three stories – Amar Akbar Anthony cannot happen. It can happen in a film but in television they follow one protagonist and they follow one love story. That is what usually happens. We still try and do our best.


And I really feel that ShivIka, RiKara and RuVya fans should now make up. Because everybody on the sets love each other, everybody in the show is equally invested in each other’s growth.

We are a very happy unit, we love working together, I love writing for all of them. Try and see this as one show and not try to see it for their ship. Trust me they will enjoy the show more….contd

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