In Conversation With The Ishqbaaaz Writer And Showrunner Harneet Singh : Shivaay And Anika – Dono Tedhe Hain But Mere Hain!


About the last track of the show. How was Zain Imam zeroed down to play Jaadugar Taj in the show? Those hand movements and gestures of Taj, how were those decided?

I did the dialogues for Zain’s show Tashan-E-Ishq and he played a character called Yuvi in there. I generally felt that he makes a very interesting negative lead because his face his very positive.

So when an innocent looking boy does evil things, it looks even nicer and also when we were discussing the names, we zeroed in on Zain and the channel also was quite kicked about it.

We wanted him to be a magician because we wanted to give a different colour and do something different, in terms of visual.

Gul (Khan) likes special visuals, she likes new visuals and it is very interesting because on television people don’t really do visuals. People do more dramatic scenes. Dialogues and characters are given a lot of importance. But at 4 Lions, visuals are also important.

And of course we have a great direction team and a great production team that makes it happen. So the blasting of the chopper and then all those stunts we felt will add a very larger than life tinge to the character.

And as a magician I felt that he should move his hands a lot and we wanted to give him a signature motif. So we came up with this lighter.

A little trivia – I basically wanted to give him a musical lighter. But that would play the tune of nayak nahi khalnayak hoon main and Shivaay will say kii yaar tu nayak hai to tu khalnayak waali tune kyun lagaake ghoom raha hai, toh woh bolega kii arre yaar woh jadoo hii kya, tu ek din samaj jaayega types.

But we could not get the rights for that song and we can’t use things we don’t have rights for. So that’s how we came up with chaar patto ka lighter.

Because he is using everybody like a pawn so it is a game for him. So that kind of symbolism we went for.


And the hand gestures worked well. He did it very well and I really like his revelation scene. The kind of lighting and in the way Lalit sir shot it, was really cool.

It was interesting to see a character only for a month, we knew that we are only going to do this track for a month and he became a part of Ishqbaaaz; he looked like a part of Ishqbaaaz.

Nakuul Mehta, Zain Imam, Mandana Karimi With Director Lalit Mohan

Whoever comes in Ishqbaaaz, easily becomes part of the team. He looked like he was a part of the show since long and wasn’t there for just one month.

It’s a very happy team. If you just visit our set and see all of them, you will see how everybody love each other. There are 600 people working every day and trust me behind the screen people, all 600 of us, work hard to make the 6 characters look good, to make them sound good.

There is an army of people who work 24/7 tirelessly. There is no respite on TV. All of us fall sick, we still go to work. Actors are not well, still they come to work because we love what we do and we are committed to providing entertainment every day……contd

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