In Conversation With The Ishqbaaaz Writer And Showrunner Harneet Singh : Shivaay And Anika – Dono Tedhe Hain But Mere Hain!


And what can we expect further in Ishqbaaz for the viewers /shivika / rikara / ruvya fans?

I think Shivaay and Anika are in a very interesting phase right now. Where he is not the man she married, technically. His spirit is gone and she is doing her best to bring him back and there’s also this fact that, they never had their chance. It’s always like a missed opportunity.

The day he called her his wife was the day when their lives changed. It’s a so near yet so far kind of a thing. I think their relationship is in a beautiful phase right now. And they will go through these great tests, Shivaay’s PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and then Shivaay will spring some more surprises. And their relationship will go through a testing time because if you are soulmates you have to go through all that. The guy (Shivaay) had killed someone and everything in his life has changed, he has gone to jail for 5 years, his family, his brothers and everything has changed; it is a challenge in the couple’s story.

Shivaay did something and the reaction to that can be seen now. And obviously that reaction is going to affect Shivaay. If it is going to affect Shivaay, it is going to affect Anika. And that is the challenge.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi stands for family and justice. And he tries to follow his principles but what happened? The house of cards just collapsed. Today he has lost the faith of people he loved the most. And that is not just his challenge, that is also his wife’s challenge, because this is not the man she married.

So this is a challenge that they are going through and how they come together and how everything becomes ok is going to be a journey.


Shivaay is a man of action, he is an alpha. He is going to do things. They (OmRu) left their parents to be with him and Shivaay was with them, he was talking with them, he was being with them because he was close. Only when Anika came, a little bit of opening happened. If he is not singing lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi and not cooking with them and doing happy happy Rudy jokes, that does not mean he doesn’t love them. He is just reserved.

The Season 1 Shivaay was more wholesome, more open, he had no pain in his life, he was just arrogant, he was just drunk on naam, khoon, khandaan. He was entitled, he was completely dark and that is when Anika comes and punctures him and says excuse me! And he fell in love with a girl without naam, khoon, khandaan.

This Shivaay has pain. He is troubled. He has demons. This Shivaay has things to do, his parents died when he was a baby, he has single handedly built this entire empire, he looked up to a man, his uncle, who never gave him that love.

He was always ridiculed saying that he will turn up like his parents. He had to save his brothers and he ended up killing the father figure. And now when he comes back, he is a completely changed man, he has PTSD. These are genuine issues.


Yes it’s a story of a man and woman and they are not having water fights anymore, they are really genuinely grown up. They are fighting law, they are fighting PTSD, they are fighting allegations, they are fighting accusing eyes of the family. This is perhaps Shivaay and Anika’s biggest challenge.


And also about the other couples. We don’t know how they got married? What happened in the 5 years? We don’t know why did Omkara marry Anika’s sister. We don’t know why did Gauri agree. And look at the beauty, we don’t know how and why did Anika and Shivaay agree to that marriage. We don’t know.

We don’t know what is the stress in Rudra and Bhavya’s life. Rudra has become the mini Tej Singh Oberoi. And we have not seen Bhavya go to work, what is the problem there? We are just touching the surface of their relationship right now.

In the redux, the characters did not change. The spirit of the characters is the same. It’s that we only heightened certain things and we dimmed certain things.

So Shivaay still loves his family and his brothers, it’s only that he is not as demonstrative. He is not as expressive.


Rudra still loves his brother the most. Rudra was hurt the most when his father died because his hero killed him, his superman killed him. And that desolation meant. So he basically lost two fathers on that day. When hurt turns into pain – That is what he is dealing with. He is the youngest, and that’s why when he calls Shivaay by his name, Shivaay dies 100 deaths.

Because Shivaay treated Rudra like a child, when your little child goes against you that hurts the most and the child is also acting out because he is in pain. Because he cannot believe that his God did this. And that is why he is going a little extra in pushing him away.

These are the dynamics in their lives. We will find out what is the trouble in Omkara and Gauri’s life, what is the trouble in Bhavya and Rudra’s life, Shivaay – Anika will also go through handling the effects of PTSD and like I said, Shivaay is going to throw a couple of more surprises Anika’s way. So we will see.



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