Indian Television : 5 Things That Women On TV Need To Change About Themselves

Women Are Not To Take World Problems
Indian Television
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Indian television is dominated by female oriented shows since decades. It’s the women’s world they say. We have seen strong female characters in the industry which have been an idol for many for years. Characters like Tulsi, Parvati, Prerna etc have ruled the hearts. To be honest the Indian television is surely a women’s world but highly regressive with the way they portray female characters exceptions excluded.

It always at the end of the day comes down to sacrifices, compromises, being great, not being selfish, not being human at all. The time when Indian television shows start portraying women as humans , flawed characters that’s the time when we can finally accept the progressiveness of Indian shows. For fiction and creative liberties’ sake, we as audience, ignore a lot of stupidity shown on shows with regards to women. But there are some projections which really pinch you and annoy the heck out of the audience.

Indian Television
Stop Showing Women Brainless

Stop Showing Women Brainless

We get the point that Indian shows want to portray women as a great being, the one who forgives and forgets all bad, who doesn’t use her mind. Practicality, logic and assertiveness has nothing to do with women. That’s how women are supposedly portrayed in our shows or so in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya. Pragya is the kind of woman no one would like to be. She is someone who loves her husband so much, that she is ready to see him romancing with his girlfriend, she takes every crap thrown at her just because she happens to love him. Can someone please tell the makers to not show something which isn’t really humanly possible? No woman can stand sharing her husband with anyone, no woman is so blind in love to encourage her husband’s infidelity acts. Seriously, is this what is going to be shown to the audience as entertainment?

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  1. I totally agree with this post. The makers try way too hard to potray that the lead actress is such a Mahaan person that it cannot even be related by people. No one is this great in real life. I think if tv shows really wanna show a good connecting woman lead then Sridevi in English Vinglish is a great example. I also agree with the intimacy thing. I have always had a problem when they potray the woman to be reluctant in intimate scenes.


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