Indian Television – Top 5 Must Watch Television Couples Of The Week


Television took an interesting turn this past week as heroes and heroines battled both their inner and outer demons. With an array of characters presented to the audience on a golden platter, audiences picked out their favorite dishes to savor. As always, our audiences’ opinion is important to us. So when we asked who your favorite actors or actresses were this week on our Facebook page, here’s what we learned. Let’s have a look at the must watch couples of this week.

ek boondh ishq
Ek Boond Ishq

1. Viraf Phiroz Patel and Chhavi Pandey – Ek Boond Ishq

The intensity of Ek Boond Ishq is at an all-time high. Last week, Tara (Chhavi Pandey) revealed to Aditya (Dishank Arora) the true face of Kalavati. Now he and Tara are working together inside the house while Leader and Nirmala (Gauri Tonk) devise a plan of action from outside. Tension rise between Leader and Tara as well when Tara repeatedly tries to unmask his true identity. In upcoming episodes, Mrityunjay will do the unthinkable and reveal himself to Tara. We just can’t wait!



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