Indian TV – 3 Most ABSURD Things We Watched In TV Shows This Week!

Indian TV - 3 Most ABSURD Things We Watched In TV Shows This Week!

Okay, I know, many of you must be like, “What? Just 3?” Yeah, we noticed just three, if you noticed more, let me know, I won’t be surprised because to be very honest, I have stopped expecting “logical” things from our television daily soaps long back.

Some of them still have logical content but most of them are far away from logic. But, sometimes, while watching quite an engaging scene when you notice something illogical, it kinda ruins the scene.

Let’s have a look at three such scenes we came across this week!


1. Beyhadh –

SONY TV’s Beyhadh shocked its viewers this week with the twist of Maya’s murder mystery.

The week is gone and I’m still unsure if Maya is alive or dead. In spite of seeing Maya’s alleged corpse inside the deep freezer of mortuary, I’m still not able to believe that Maya is dead because I know Maya and moreover, in our TV shows, do the lead actresses ever die? NO!

She comes alive from the dead and I believe, Maya is not even dead. She is playing a real big game this time and her lies seems more true than the truth with all those planted proofs that she has left behind for police, enough to frame Arjun and even Saanjh.

Coming to the “absurd” part, I’m sure, everyone must have noticed Maya lying in the pool of her own blood but wait! Did you guys notice the colour of the blood? It was supposed to be red but it was MAGENTA and that just ruined that scene for me.

That’s such a silly blooper on makers part. Magenta – Colour of blood? Like seriously? What were the creatives even thinking? Didn’t editors notice it?

Whatever may be the reason, that magenta blood failed to leave the same impact as the actual blood red colour.

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