Indian TV : 5 Out Of The Box Concepts OF TV Shows

Indian TV
Mahakumbh Starring Gautam Rode

Along the years the Indian television has gone through various changes in terms of show concepts and their execution. With the monotony of saas bahu sagas for more than a decade, the recent years saw YRF producing its own set of finite series, Mahi Way, Khotey Sikkey followed by Anil Kapoor’s 24 and Anurag Kashyap’s Yudh. The concept of finite series and concepts beyond kitchen politics and romance dramas are emerging and evolving slowly and steadily. Today’s audience is hungry for good content and performances. Below is the list of 5 out of the box shows on air presently on Indian television.

Indian TV
Mahakumbh Starring Gautam Rode

It is a story of an unheard legend with unmatchable powers. Produced by Director-Producer Arvind Babbal ,the show is a thriller based story in the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh about a boy Rudra (Gautam Rode). He stays unaware for most of the years of his life about the supernatural powers he possesses. He is one of the seven protectors of Amrit which appears after every 144 years during Kumbh. The show has a unique concept and so is its execution. The makers have done some deep research on the show’s subject and have tried to keep it as real and relatable as possible.



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