Indian TV : Big Shows That Bid Goodbye In 2015

Indian TV
Gautam Rode in Mahakumbh

Mahakumbh – From its conceptualization to its screenplay , acting and execution, the show was pretty amazing in all terms and the new flavour that it brought for the audience on small screen was truly commendable. However, being a finite series, the show reached its definite end.

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  1. Manmarzian would last longer if the story stick to their original concept. Fans wanted to see the real spirit of Mumbai focusing on the leading ladies and their life goals as they pursue their dreams in the mad advertising world at Birdsong office. the power they wield in this fictional world is their intellectual traits and their unique complex personalities. It would be very interesting to watch the arc of these two young women’s career, and their social and cultural influence with two parallel track .imagine how cool it would be to watch our favourites Samaira – Radhika gracing the small screen as the Birdsong’s agency top talents.

  2. D person who ‘ve made dis report has actually never watched was an amazing show,friends,career,love,human emotion.dreams everything.

  3. Doli Amoran ki was a serial with excellent script and best social message! Loved the character shaurya sinha played by Kunal Karan Kapoor.

  4. Doli Armanon Ki was a different show after the leap and had a very important story to tell. Even though the show had some strong actors the show ended without given a fair chance. Kunal Karan Kapoor gave so many outstanding performances as Shaurya Urmi Sinha. There was so much story to tell and so much depth in Shaurya’s character, because of the layers and shades Kunal gave….wish the show had not ended.

  5. Season 1 was a woman orientated show… But Season 2 which started with the social dilemma we are facing worldwide was a beautiful start and out of the ordinary kind of story which was given life by the great actors Kunal Karan Kapoor, Manasi Salve and Neha Sargam. They were extraordinary actors.., who gave a new life to the story. But sometimes good things are short lived and this beautiful story had a short season…

    Like the editor says it was not a graceful end but a abrupt end without giving the show a chance…

  6. I think Doli AarmanoKi was one show with a lot of potential, great set of actors like Kunal Karan Kapoor, Manasi Salvi, Neha ,who were doing a brilliant job but show ended very abruptly disappointing many fans who were exoecting a lot from the show. This show desrved to be on air still.

  7. Doli Armano Ki was one of the shows which has left behind a print of memories. It was my first time watching this show, My main reason for the view was mainly for Kunal Karan Kapoor, I am mesmarized by his role in Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha as Mohan Bhatnagar where he has cast a magic spell and left me speechless with his brilliant performance. But my joy was short lived since the beautiful show succumbed to the pressure of low TRP before bidding good bye after three months after it was aired. I will definitely want to add that this show would have achieved greater heights if it had got that opportunity to grow and flourish.

  8. I really enjoyed the show Doli armano ki. It was a good show with a strong social message. Liked the character of Shaurya after leap a lot, amazingly portrayed by Kunal Karan Kapoor. Kudos to him!

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