Indian TV Shows And Their Highlights Of The Day – 22nd May 2018!

Indian TV Shows

There is always a new twist or turn waiting to happen in the tale of the daily soaps. Indian TV shows with their happening twists and turns grab the attention of the viewers.

Let us see in a glimpse the highlights from your favourite TV shows and know what has happened on 22nd May 2018.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Ye Hai Mohabattein Highlights Of The Day :

– Raman and Ishita come face to face outside the juvenile home.

– Pihu rushes outside and is excited to see her Ishimaa and Papa. Pihu has an emotional reunion with her parents.

– Ishita gets ladoos for Pihu, Raman throws them away, and taunting Ishita might have mixed poison in it.

– Pihu is unable to understand what is going on. She gets teary.

– Ishita tries to tell Raman that Pihu is just out, but Raman is bent upon keeping Pihu away from Ishita.

– Ishita faces Raman’s wrath and he taunts her for killing his son.

– Vishwa and Madhu are not happy with Ishita’s actions of ending Aditya’s life.

– Raman tells Pihu Aditya is dead and he tells her Ishita shot Aditya.

– Flashback of Aditya’s death is shown where Ishita faces Raman and Shagun’s outburst.

– Raman tells Ishita he trusts God’s justice and it is good that God made you ‘baanj’. He further adds she does not deserve to be called a mother.

– Pihu wants to go with Ishita, but Raman drags her away.

– Ishita consoles and convinces Pihu to go with Raman.

– The precap highlights Shagun’s bitter attitude towards Pihu and Ishita. Pihu is vary of Param being at the Bhalla house and mentions Ishimaa and Raman gets angry. Ishita has an emotional talk with Aditya’s portrait.

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