Indian TV : The Top 10 Headlines From The Week That You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Top Headlines

We are at the end of the 3rd week of April 2018 already and this week remained to be one that was full of buzzes from the television world!

From actors quitting old shows to new actors joining old shows and also one of the most popular shows going off air – The TV world had everything in its kit!

There were a few big buzz about brand new upcoming shows too from the kit of Ekta Kapoor, Sphere Origins as well as Gul Khan and with the news of a few big stars returning on small screen, TV-pur remained at buzz .

If you have missed any of these, take a look at what all made headlines this week below.


1. Naamkarann Going Off-Air

Reports are ripe that Star Plus’ popular show Naamkarann is ending in the month of May.

Furthermore the date for the show going off-air is said to be 18th May 2018, reports suggest.

This news has been buzzing the maximum this week.

The followers of the show are still unable to digest the news and are dreading the 18th of May.

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