Indian TV : The Top 8 Upcoming Twists In The Show That Are Not To Be Missed! (UPDATED)

Indian TV
Manik and Nandini in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Indian TV shows come up with the daily dose of twists almost every week to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats. Here are top 7 upcoming twists in daily soaps that you can expect to watch this week:

Indian TV
Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Ye Hai Mohabbatein – Adi and Ruhi are to be taken away by Shagun as she plans to flee with the kids. However, at her house, Shagun leaves the gas knob on and goes out to talk on phone. On the other hand, both Raman and Ishita get worried for the kids and they start searching for them. Soon Ishita reaches Shagun’s place.

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Soon, Ruhi starts missing her mother and to stop her crying Adi goes to bring her food from kitchen. Unknowingly, he lights the gas and it blows up leaving Adi injured and bruised. Soon tremors will also be felt and Ishita will go inside to bring the kids. She will save Ruhi and ad unconscious Adi. But by the time she would come out of the building, a severe earthquake will hit the city. Ishita will push the children out of the building after realising that an earthquake has hit them. The track might lead to Shagun leaving the Bhallas and finally moving away from them.

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The revenge track of Subbu will also kick start after this episode. Subbu considers someone from the Bhalla family responsible for his wife and son’s death, who is the person to pay for Subbu’s revenge the most?

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