Indian TV : Top 10 Must Watch Old Daily Soaps On TV

Indian TV
Indian TV - Top 10 Must Watch Old Daily Soaps On TV

Since the inception of fiction TV shows on Indian Television, we have seen hundreds of shows being aired on different channels. Some being love stories, some being suspense and some of them being comedies. However, there are just a handful of shows which enjoyed and in part have become extremely successful and a classic with you wanting to watch them again and again. In other words it would be right to say that if you haven’t seen these shows, then you haven’t watched Indian Television at all.
We bring to you the top 10 must watch old daily soaps on TV.

Indian TV
Dill Mill Gayye

1. Dill Mill Gayye – Dill Mill Gayye is one of the most popular TV show revolving around the lives of 6 medical interns who discover love along with their responsibility as a doctor and teach you how to enjoy life. The show was loved for its humour and the love stories, especially of the lead pair – Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima, has become one of the classic shows on Indian telvision.


  1. I just loved the serial it had a great and lite comedy. Still missing this now a days such beautiful lite hearted Comedy is missing


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