Indian TV : Top 10 Shows That You Must Not Miss This Week – SPOILERS


It’s Monday today, marking the beginning of a new week ahead. Our telly world stories are going to take new shapes today. Let’s have a look what our favorite shows have to offer us this week.



The show has once again shown an obsessive side of Maya where she cleverly frames Ayaan and put him in jail. She shows the marks on her body to prove herself a victim. She dramatizes that in rape cases victim is always harmed as a prey. Her lawyer got the CCTV footage, Samay and medical reports as evidences to prove Ayaan guilty.

The court favors Maya and orders Ayaan to be put behind bars. Saanjh is left helpless and asks judge to give her more time for the case but the judge refuses.

In the upcoming episode, Saanjh’s respect will be ruined by Women organization members. Vandana will try to kill Maya but she will be stopped by Arjun. She is very much disturbed for not being able to save Ayaan.

Vandana will get a heart attack. Arjun will take her to the hospital. It’s a test for Arjun now to take a difficult step either to save Ayaan or give justice to Maya.

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