Indian TV – Top 5 Most Underrated Shows On Television

Indian TV - Top 5 Most Underrated Shows On Television

There is no dearth of shows available on the television for the entertainment of the viewers. Some of them are loved by the audiences while others are able to make a place in the viewer’s heart and become extremely popular. However, there are several shows which are very good but have still not been able to get much TRP in the charts. Here are the top five most underrated shows on TV.


Mahakumbh – This show on Life OK is a supernatural, mythological thriller in which a boy Rudra posses the supernatural powers and is one of the protectors of amrit which has the secret to life and death. The show is very fresh in its concept and is very interesting to watch. Inspite of gaining much appreciation, the show has not able to get very high TRPs in the charts.

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