Indian TV : Top 5 Not To Be Missed Shows In The Upcoming Week – SPOILERS

Indian TV
Indian TV

It’s the weekend time and from tomorrow i.e. Monday, new episodes with brand new twists and turns will kick start.

Here’s a look at the 5 Indian TV shows that you must not miss watching this week



After Avni’s return, the family will decide to let Avni and Neil spend some alone time and will send them for their honeymoon to Coorg.

Incidentally, DD will inform Neil about Raghu Pandit being in Coorg as all the proofs will indicate his location being at Coorg. Neil will take advantage of the situation and will give a nod to the trip.

Meanwhile, Riya will succeed in brainwashing Ali and convince him about Avni not being happy with Neil.

Both will arrive at Coorg to spy on AvNeil. Riya will also try to give detailed information about Avni and Neil to Shweta trying to take tips from her trying to separate them.

Viewers will also get to watch a shocking revelation through Neil’s investigation about Raghu Pandit as it will lead a deep connection of Pandit with Dayawanti Mehta.

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