Indian TV : Top 5 Shows And The Changes You Would Love To See In Them!

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Television shows day after day give away loads and loads of drama content just to entertain the viewers of the daily soaps. As a viewer one gets attached to a particular show and thatΒ  becomes your favourite.

But have you ever sat and thought about a change you would like and love to see in the shows you follow regularly day after day. We are sure in your heart and mind sometimes you wish for a particular change in the daily soaps.

So today we at Fuze will list 5 changes we would like to see in some of the very popular running Indian television shows and we believe the change route if taken, it will be good.

So without further ado, here we go.


Show – Naamkarann
Channel – Star Plus

Revolving around the lives of Avni and Neil with Dayavanti out of the picture at least for the time being, the love story of AvNeil has finally caught pace.

But do you know what change would be welcoming in the lives of Neil and Avni? We will tell you. Neil is already aware of Ali’s feelings for his wife Avni. Ali is leaving no stone unturned to create chaos in Avni and Neil’s relationship.

While AvNeil currently are holding on to a thin thread which will either make or break their hearts, it would be a welcoming change if Neil goes all possessive over Avni and wards off all the lame attempts of Ali to separate them.

The possessive streak in Neil for his better half Avni and his relationship with her would add an extra added ‘kick’ to the AvNeil story as a whole!
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  1. My vote β˜‘ goes to Kuch Rang Pyaar πŸ’– Ke Aise Bhi πŸ˜„.. It’s the best πŸ’ͺ show which ever I have seen πŸ‘€.. Just loved πŸ’– them.. Like πŸ‘ this comment if you agree πŸ™‹.. DevAkshi are the best πŸ’ͺ couple πŸ‘«..


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