Indian TV: Top 6 Shows That Are A Must Not Miss This Week

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Don’t miss on this week’s shows coming up with new stories and tracks. Have a look at the shows that aren’t to be missed this week and where the last week they left their stories.

Zindagi Ki Mehak
Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak:

The show just got over with the Holi track. Mehak along with her family opened a food truck for their survival. Shaurya became their first customer as she was hiding about it from him. He took ten parcels for his staff.

The food truck was about to get burnt along with Mehak in it by accident. But Shaurya dozed off the fire and saved Mehak and the truck. He also asks the Sharma family to do the business professionally and take care of their surroundings and safety.

His hand also got burnt while saving her. While going back home, she went to Shaurya as he was applying ice on his wounds.

They enter an argument and she decides to leave. But their room gets jammed. In the upcoming episode, Shaurya scares Mehak by telling her that she has to spend the night with him in this freezing cold environment.

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