Indian TV : Top 7 Recent Headlines That You Must Not Miss!

top seven breaking news that you must not miss

Take a look at the headlines that created most of the buzz recently –

Ruhi and Ishita Come Face To Face
Ruhi and Ishita Come Face To Face

Ruhi and Ishita To Meet But Not Recognize Each Other – The much awaited leap in the show ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatien’ has already been grabbing eyeballs and people were in anticipation to know where Ruhi was. However, it didn’t take a rocket science to understand that Ruhaan only is ‘Ruhi’ who has been raised up by Nidhi as a boy. The upcoming episode will witness a major event where Aliya will bring Ruhaan home where Ishita would welcome her own estranged daughter, very warmly and both will come face to face. This ones surely not to be missed to see if Ruhi will be able to recognize her Ishima or not.

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