Indian TV : Top 7 Scenes Of The Week – October 4th Week 2016


This week some of the scenes have totally touched our heart and has us fall more in love with certain couples and characters. Here’s a look –


“I am scarred, your fear haunts me” (Beyhadh)

Maya has been scarred by her abusive father in her childhood, so much that his fear still haunts her. It makes her so vulnerable, his presence takes the control from her, it makes her go to the zone where she is running away from since childhood and wants it not to exist at all.

She is still stuck on her 9th birthday, the day probably she was made to suffocate in dark and maybe the day for the first time she stood up against her dad to save herself and her mother, but it also killed the child in her.

Her birthdays no more have good memories. It is filled with fear of his presence and what is to come with it. Every thing about her dad creeps her out and unnerves her. It takes her back to those memories that makes her weak and not in control.

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  1. I loved the Rudra-Soumya scene so much in Ishqbaaz. They are the dark horses of the show. Totally unexpected intensity and passion. A scene with great depth and superb acting. Leenesh was outstanding. Nehalaxmi was too. Good direction as well. I loved how Rudi didn’t want to be taken for granted and how hurt he was that someone he trusted so much lied to him and hid the truth from him. We suddenly see with great clarity what Soumya’s friendship and his connection with Love Angle meant to him. To have both crash and burn at the same time was too much for him. Their second confrontation deserved to be on this list too, because that was just as good and intense. RUMYA are the new couple to watch! Fibally a fresh pairing with a different angle. Cant wait too see more of RUMYA and their intensity! Leenesh is a find!


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