Indian TV : Top Ten Fictions On TV That Are Not To Be Missed This Week

Baldev and Veera
Baldev and Veera

Veera – Veera and Baldev would decide to get Ratan and Nihal married to each other. They would get to a temple to arrange Ratan and Nihal’s wedding. However, Ratan will assume that Veera has eloped. On finding out the truth, Ranvijay would get furious. He would blame Baldev and shout at Veera. Later they will come back at home where another set of argument will take place between Ranvijay and Veera. Veera will ask Ranvijay if he ever cared about Ratan’s feelings or ever asked her about what she felt about Nihaal. On matters getting worse, Veera would also request Baldev to stay away from her for some time until Ranvijay calms down.

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