Indian TV : Top Ten Fictions On TV That Are Not To Be Missed This Week

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ye Hai Mohabbatein – The Sarika drama would continue. Ishita will get to know about Ashok using Sarika to avenge Raman. Ishita tries to find out Sarika’s truth to reach the climax of the matter. A more intriguing part is also coming up in the show. Jealousy bug will hit Raman and will hit him really hard this time. Raman will witness Ishita having an intimate yet friendly conversation with Mani. However, on witnessing this, Raman will assume that Ishita doesn’t love him and wants to get rid of their relationship. He will face a heartbreak and eventually Raman Kumar will lash out his anger while being unable to express his grief. Ishita, on the other hand will be confused with his sudden change in behaviour. Let’s hope, this jealousy soon leads us to a heartwarming confession between Raman and Ishita.



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