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Review of the Week

This week has been an absolute treat for the fans of Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Last week we saw that Khushi agreed to do anything Arnav wanted her to do for Rs 24,000 in order to pay the overdue rent at her Bua’s house.

The week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the fans. They went from disliking Arnav’s behaviour to loving it. This week was filled with comedy, drama, romance and best of all the understanding and love between Arnav and Khushi. The most awaited fall, Arnav’s teasing Khushi regarding her red nose, the romantic flip on the bed, their waking up in the morning with Khushi’s leg on Arnav and them holding hands, Khushi’s amplifying anger which finally resulted into throwing things around in Arnav’s office, a massive slap to an employee, the Raksha Bandhan celebrations, the Khushi- Nk bonding again and finally ASR in kurta.It was a treat for fans. At the very end of the week the mighty ASR who was once the reason of Khushi’s disgrace had finally restored her dignity back by gifting her “The pearls” which were once like a bane to her, and eventually became the boon of love for her. It is yet to be seen whether this love blossoms or shrinks with the upcoming turn of events.

I would rate this week 5/5 just because Friday’s episode fulfilled so much of what we fans have been waiting for. A big thank you to the entire team of Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Detailed Synopsis of the Week:

 Monday’s episode was a continuation of Friday’s episode. We see Arnav carrying Khushi, he trips and falls with her. Khushi then massages his back and they share a romantic moment when Arnav flips Khushi onto the bed and stares into her eyes. He also makes her pack gifts for the office staff and purposely takes out a cup from the gifts so Khushi ends up having to unpack and repack the gifts. Arnav tells Khushi to stay awake all night just in case he needs anything. We see Khushi also keeping Arnav up all night by repeatedly calling him. After a bunch of calls, Arnav shows up at Khushi’s house to tell her to stop calling him. On the other hand, we see Anjali coming back from the doctors with a recording of her sonography. She shares her happiness with Arnav.

On Tuesday, Arnav is telling Khushi to stop calling him and to go to sleep. Khushi goes to sleep right there. Arnav then carries her into her room. Khushi grabs onto him in her sleep and he ends up spending the night at the Gupta House. In the morning we see Khushi and Arnav are wrapped up into each other and they share a sweet moment when Arnav declares that holding her hand and sleeping is a habit of his.  Arnav gives Khushi the money when the 24 hours was almost over. Khushi happily hands the money over to the landlord only to find out that she needs to give him another Rs 24,000 for maintenance as the new owner of the house wants it.  Khushi finds out that Arnav is the new owner and he wants her to go home with him. She refuses and attempts to trash his office.  Arnav slaps one of his employees for calling Khushi an “item” and lets him know that she is his wife, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. Rakhi preparations are going on at Raizada mansion. NK calls the rakhi a friendship band and asks Anjali to make one for him. NK’s weakness in hindi makes Anjali smile. Anjali has been getting a lot of calls mysteriously which she always brushes off. We as viewers are expecting it to be her husband, Shyam.

Wednesday, Khushi’s family goes to the hospital and Arnav turns off the electricity and water supply at Buaji’s house. Khushi finally agrees to go home with Arnav. He tells her that he will pick her up in a couple of hours. Meanwhile, Anjali runs into Bua at the hospital and finds out that Buaji is okay (Khushi left the Raizada house claiming Buaji was sick). Anjali feels betrayed. She thinks she was lied to by Arnav and Khushi because they wanted to spend time together. Arnav returns to pick up Khushi, but she pretends she’s at the hospital. Arnav catches her in her lie and tries to get her to come with him. She claims she hurt her foot and cannot go anywhere. Arnav again catches her in her lie and tries to force her to go with him. They end up confronting one of the reasons why Khushi was not going; the contract will be over soon. Arnav asks her if it is that easy for her and whether or not she would let their marriage break. She replies that this was not a marriage and that she’d rather not discuss it. Arnav then tells her that it’s fine. They don’t need to discuss anything, but he will wait until her family gets home so they can tell them all about their contract marriage and why it’s ending. Khushi finally decides to go back home with him. Arnav tells her he will pick her up the next day.

Thursday is raksha bandan. Arnav brings Khushi back to Raizada mansion. Khushi comes up with a plan to make Arnav wear a kurta that Anjali had bought him last year.  She executes her plan through NK and it makes Anjali extremely happy. When Anjali asks whose plan it was, Khushi immediately says NK. Arnav realizes that it was Khushi’s plan. Anjali ties the rakhi to her brothers and the whole scene was heartfelt and beautifully directed. Episode ends with Arnav calling Khushi and Khushi searching for Anjali who wasn’t in the house.

Friday begins with Khushi searching for Anjali. She finds Anjali outside and it appears that Anjali is talking to someone. Khushi calls out to her and approaches her, but does not see anyone near Anjali. They both go home together and we see a shadow walk past the area that Anjali was in. Once home, Arnav asks Khushi where she’s been. He asks her to come to their room. She goes there and the lights are out. Arnav provokes Khushi into admitting that it was her idea to have him wear the kurta. He then turns on the light and turns her around towards the bed where there were a lot of presents. Khushi jumps to the conclusion that these are gifts she would need to unpack and repack because something was left out. Arnav tells her to open them. She opens one and it turns out to be channe. She is surprised and happy. She opens the second gift and it’s a poster of Salman Khan. Third is jalebis. Fourth is puris. Fifth is a pearl necklace. The necklace brings tears to Khushi’s eyes as she remembers that after Arnav confessed his love, she had dreamt of him giving her a pearl necklace. Arnav wipes away her tears and gives her a hug. The next morning, Khushi wakes up to see Arnav staring at her. She gets up and goes to get her dupatta, Arnav starts walking towards her and she starts walking backwards. They are interrupted by Nani and Khushi declares that it felt as if she had stopped breathing. Later we find out that Arnav’s dadi is missing from the asharam that she stays at. Arnav and Nani go to find her. Khushi attempts to have a conversation with Anjali about what has happened, but Anjali brushes it off. Khushi gives Anjali red roses. Anjali thanks Khushi for making Arnav wear the kurta. The episode ends on a happy Khushi.

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By Rahmina Chowdhury


  1. loved loved loved the epis of week..since arnav came back after kidnapping..loving the show even fell in love with it again..u did good job in reviewing it

    • Thank you Sara. 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. Stay tuned to Fuze for much more exciting reviews and news. 😉


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