Ishq Subhan Allah : Adnan Khan And Eisha Singh Shooting In The Paradise Valley Kashmir – Kashmir Diaries’ Off Screen Pics!

Adnan Khan And Eisha Singh With Shipsy Rana And Vikram Ghai

Creative Eye Limited’s Ishq Subhan Allah with its engaging content is keeping the viewer’s hooked to the show. Zara and Kabir’s story is loved by all.

Recently the team of Ishq Subhan Allah travelled to the Paradise valley, Kashmir for a outdoor shoot.

The lead stars Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh’s Kashmir Diaries is something you cannot afford to miss.

The offscreen captures of the cast and crew look absolutely beautiful.

Take a look at Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh’s awesome pictures from Ishq Subhan Allah’s outdoor shoot.

What twist and turns await Kabir and Zara only time will tell. For now scroll through the Kashmir Diaries of the actors.

Eisha Singh

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