Ishq Subhan Allah : Zara And Kabir Heading To Court For Divorce?

Ishq Subhan Allah

Zara is facing tough times in Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah. And just when Zara thought all will be well again in Kabir and her life, a new hurdle is going to strike her.

As of now viewers have seen, Zara gets decked up like a bride, happy that Kabir is coming to take her home. But alas! She gets a shocker as Kabir arrives not to take her back, but to give her talaaq.

Viewers have witnessed Zara being heartbroken. But like always she decides to bounce back and face the troubles.

The audience will witness Zara challenging Kabir’s decision declaring the talaaq is not valid, since sighting the reasons –

1) The Supreme Court has passed judgement against Instant Triple Talaaq.

2) Zara reminds Kabir and his family that during their Nikaah she had kept a condition that he cannot divorce her at one go.

In all likeliness Zara will sought the legal procedure (court route) for a divorce.

Will Zara and Kabir go through a divorce? Only time will tell!

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