Ishqbaaaz, Inspirations And Why It’s High Time To Change The Identity Of Women And Men On TV? – Viewers’ Uncut Section


This article is not only about the current Ishqbaaaz controversy itself. But why we think Ishqbaaaz depicts a problem in our current cultural scenario. And the living examples and reasons why Indian Television should change how they depict women and men in their shows.


Ishqbaaz Promo:

There are numerous parallel thoughts in my mind about the recent Ishqbaaaz promo where SSO screamed some pretty harsh words at Annika and insulted her like no man or human should do to another.

I do not want to give credence or importance to such definitions of a woman, because to me a mistress is just a meaningless label, as are words like w$*re, b!$ch, etc. And in the worst moments of my life and many other women I know, such abusive words have been used against women.

When some men bent on controlling the women have used such words and also followed up with extremely controlling actions including verbal, physical, financial and emotional abuse.
Such words in our definition comes under emotional abuse, because they are meant to bring a human down by attacking their dignity.

But the parallel thought that runs along with the affront that I felt at Annika getting abused with such words, is the equally powerful thought that each of us can resist the urge to get involved in the drama of such abusive words.

Any man, woman or child, when under the assault of verbal abuse or any other form of abuse has the power to get out of the weight of such oppressive words or actions.

Because such words do not define us. If someone calls us a mistress, w$*re, b!$ch, [email protected], etc., it doesn’t make us one. And when someone uses such words, it shows the negative low emotions the abuser is feeling and has nothing to do with the person getting insulted.

So my urge to every woman, man or child who hears such words is to think about what they represent in life, who they are in life and not about what the abuser, society or world thinks about them.

And I hope that Annika in the show, also depicts some of this resistance and spunk and defies and denies each rotten word and deed that was thrown at her from SSO. Despite the precap of today’s episode, nothing justifies SSO saying such words to her. And any man, woman or child thinking of heaping such insults in anger, also needs to self-reflect on why their ego is justifying such meaningless drivel.

I haven’t addressed other forms of abuse here, because Ishqbaaaz was about verbal abuse in this promo, but I feel the same thing is applicable to any other form of abuse.

And this is one of the reasons for my liking the show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka, because it is addressing in a balanced manner about physical, verbal, emotional and financial abuse and assault in a marriage. Of course the show has its faults too, but that’s another story…..contd.

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