Ishqbaaaz, Inspirations And Why It’s High Time To Change The Identity Of Women And Men On TV? – Viewers’ Uncut Section


Why Indian TV should change?

Now coming back to the main reasons why I feel Indian TV and its definition of a woman’s and man’s role in life should change.

There are countless innumerable women in our country and around the world who are defying norms, rising from oppressive lives, doing things that can inspire others and enrich their and people’s lives. And there are equally impressive men, who also have risen above the challenges life threw at them.

There is no reason why Indian TV can’t write suitable content based on such impressive women and men. Here are our top favourite inspiring women in the world, and though I am failing to acknowledge many other commendable women, I hope these people will inspire you and our TV writers too.

These are the people who currently inspire me with their actions and words. I am also including a man too in this discussion, because his story too is pretty inspiring and needs to be heard.

Oprah Winfrey

1) Oprah Winfrey:

She to me is the most inspirational and powerful woman in the world. And she wielded this power, not because she was handed things in a silver platter. But because she went through significant challenges in her life such as abuse, rape, racial discrimination, loss of a child, etc.

And despite all the challenges she faced, she was able to defy and rise above every challenge she faced. And she didn’t need society’s approval, a man’s support, a father’s love to get to the stage she has reached in life.

And does it mean her life was all sadness, no. Because she also had the love of beautiful and equally inspiring women friends and mentors like Gayle Kind and Maya Angelou.

Does it mean that if she had the important life support provided by a man or father in her younger life, she wouldn’t be where she is? No, because I feel she would still stand tall if she had the benefits and support, that most people have in life.

The point for mentioning her life and why she is inspiring is because she used her inner strength, faith, spirituality, determination and hard-work to get to where she is currently. And that challenges and abuse in life need not break a person, and can in fact help in shaping a person’s destiny.

We wish that Indian TV had such inspiring TV leads who have faced and risen above the type of challenges that Oprah Winfrey faced in her life. I am sure movies like Pink and Parched have shown that there is a market for showing female power and females coming together to help each other out in life.

Priyanka Chopra

2) Priyanka Chopra:
Here is another woman, who has defied societal norms, by creating a name for herself in her twenties as well as thirties. In a country where female leads of movies and TV, are rendered irrelevant after they hit their thirties or get married, she has found ways to redefine herself and her life.

I commend and admire her for just defying the norms of her life. And while I have never been an ardent fan of hers, I am certainly an ardent fan of her guts, hard-work, integrity and determination.

Even now, while the word wonders about her relationship with Nick Jonas, we feel that these two together are meant to do something real good in the world, despite their age differences. And even if they don’t, Priyanka is strong and courageous enough to handle whatever is in store for her in the future.

I am sure our Indian TV can have enough inspiration for writing, seeing the life that Priyanka has created for herself.

We don’t need Priyanka to inspire us, but these writers likely have numerous other women in their own lives who do equally courageous and society defying acts in their daily lives, and their life stories should be brought to the world, instead of the current nonsense being spouted.

Meghan Markle

3) Meghan Markle:
This is a woman, who wouldn’t be in my radar, if not for her marriage to Prince Harry. And like the rest of the world, I would have judged this couple endlessly, if not for the sermon of Bishop Michael Curry at their wedding.

That sermon, made me stop and look at this couple closely, and I agreed with each word that the Bishop said at their wedding. Meghan and Harry’s love is the type of love everyone needs to look at closely, because they represent the universal love we all are capable of having in our life.

And to me both Meghan and Harry are synonymous with each other just like fictional eternal lovers like Laila Majnu and Romeo Juliet.

And this time around we hope these two rise above the restrictions of their upbringing to do the good they are meant to do together in life. And I hope and pray that the fate that befell Princess Diana doesn’t even grace their lives.

An eternal but unique love like Meghan’s and numerous other women who have these type of society defying love stories should be the focus of our TV shows, don’t you think dear readers?

Is their love a perfect love, I doubt that, but isn’t such perfectly imperfect love the best type of love and the best type of story to get inspired from?…….contd

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