Ishqbaaaz, Inspirations And Why It’s High Time To Change The Identity Of Women And Men On TV? – Viewers’ Uncut Section

J K Rowling

4) J K Rowling: She is another inspiring woman, who created a successful and magical life for herself from the pain, suffering and heartaches in her life. Her Harry Potter books were written after she escaped a difficult marriage.

Her book was started prior to her mom’s death, but the books got published only after her mom’s death.

I can’t even imagine the pain she went through when the books were written, and when her mother passed away. But I feel a part of her soul is in her Harry Potter books, and the reason why these books defied odds and became so universally popular.

Not because it’s just about magic, but because these books were about love, lack of love, pain, suffering, loneliness, friendships, fighting inner darkness, and more.

And why do Indian TV writers and producers don’t ever get the urge to create such Harry Potter like stories or write about a strong woman like JK Rowling?

Again we think there are numerous JK Rowlings in our lives, who may not be famous, but who have gone through the same type of hardships like JK Rowling, and who have come through a winner in their lives through their own merits. And we rather see such stories than women who keep falling victims to their circumstances, and not fighting such circumstances.

Kumail Nanjiani

5) Kumail Nanjiani:

To balance out the article a little bit, and also to show that there are an equal number of inspiring men in the world, I am writing about this actor and writer Kumail Nanjiani. He is a Pakistani origin actor, who migrated to the US for higher studies and from there his interesting journey of life began.

He first came to my sphere of influence when I watched the Star World show Silicon Valley, and the actor wasn’t really my favourite in the show. But when his movie The Big Sick premiered, I got interested in him, because his story of move to the US connected with me. Since I faced the same challenges he did as a student in a quiet American University, which was different from any Asian’s expectations of a US University.

And the impressions we get while watching typical Hollywood movies, how such impressions get dispelled as we live in US and blend with the regular people there, all connected with my own experiences, despite my being from a different gender, country and religion.

His life story is a living example of how it doesn’t matter what gender, country, religion, race or any other differences we have in life. We all can learn or understand each other’s experiences if we think and ponder about someone else’s life journey. And we wish Indian TV stories would make us think and ponder, like how the life of a simple student from another country can.

Another interesting aspect to Kumail’s life was that he married an American woman from the South, which to me quite a brave move was considering all the cultural and religious barriers the two had to overcome.

If anyone ever watches the movie The Big Sick, or sees the YouTube interviews of Kumail and his wife Emily, one will see the immense love, support, trust and bonding the two share. And how such type of comfort, joy and love can come in our lives when we are positive and know how to only project love and positivity like these two do.

As a Pakistani Muslim in a country like US, his life and his life journey with his wife isn’t a piece of cake, but that’s what makes his life story such a hard hitting, relevant and inspiring story.

I wish our Indian TV would do more of such true life based inspiring stories of brave, courageous, heartwarming men and women like Kumail and Emily, because I am sure such people exist within our own country and in our own sphere of influence.

So it is my deepest prayer and urge to Indian TV show makers, please try to take your shows to a higher level of writing. Our world is filled with inspiring people, who have fought many negative circumstances they faced with love, joy, courage, kindness and care.

Such stories should be told since TV or stories are a powerful medium to influence what we want to see in our lives. I think stories are a reflection of our inner self, please be brave to show your inner light and not give in to your inner darkness.

So readers these are my favourite inspiring humans of the world. As and when I connect to the stories of other inspiring people, I will certainly try writing on them. Do tell us about some of the people who inspire you with their inner love and light.

Disclaimer : The article is written under viewers’ uncut section. The views and choices expressed above belong solely to the writer of the article.



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