Ishqbaaz : 5 Distinct Shades Of ISHQ In ShivIka’s Life Currently – IN PICS


Shivaay and Anika from Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz are two such names that need no introduction when it comes to their Ishqbaazi. Whether together or apart, the fire of Ishq keeps burning in their hearts and keeps them going.

Yet another week has gone by and it is weekend time. We believe the note Ishqbaaz ended on Friday has given a lot of michmichis. We are right, are we not? But why fear when we are here.

Going by the scenes that Shivaay and Anika lived through this week we are here to decode them for you and tell you how each scene had a different shade of ShivIka’s ISHQ.

Whether in pain or play, it was and will be only Shivaay and Anika who will cross the winning line together. And if you are wondering how, we will tell you exactly that.

So without further ado, here we go decoding the 5 distinct shades of ISHQ that Shivaay and Anika showcased this week –


The PLAYFUL Shade Of ShivIka’s ISHQ

The MICE Takes The CAT For A Ride As The CAT Puts Up With It

When it is about Shivaay and Anika, there is always an element of FUN that lingers in the air. No one can take the mighty Shivaay Singh Oberoi for a ride and if someone can/ could, then it is/ was only Anika.

And even with Anika’s return to the Oberoi mansion as the owner of the house, it is only her who can take Shivaay for a ride.

As Shivaay Singh Oberoi being the Sad Singh Oberoi stopped reacting to anything whatsoever, Anika in her true form went all out and did a special ‘Anika performance’ for Shivaay.

As Anika in a very playful way started dancing and acting around Shivaay on the song ‘Main Kya Karun Ram Mujhe Budda Mil Gaya‘, the moment brought back the missing playfulness in the lives of ShivIka.

And you may think Shivaay did not react. But think again…Shivaay did not walk away either until Anika finished with her act. Only because it was Anika, Shivaay stood there and put up with her.

The missing childish element in Shivaay and Anika’s life sprung back to life and it was Anika who brought it back and it was Shivaay who stood there though not enjoying but yet allowing himself to be taken on a play ride.

This is the playful side of their ISHQ, where one troubles and the other puts up with it and this gives away the feeling of ISHQ they still feel!

As a side note, the FP Writer feels if Anika had performed a seductive number, Shivaay would not just have put up with it but enjoyed the show too!

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  1. They have turned the show into a mess and made Shivaay’s character the most dumbest and stupidest person in the whole of Oberoi clan.Shivaay has all time to investigate stupid things like getting the information about a bar dancer and a halwai but he can’t find who is Anika engaged to or not.So stupid and dumb he is that makes me think how he is handling a business empire.


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