Ishqbaaz : 5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Anika – Learn It The Anika Way!


Hello readers. Happy Saturday to all of you. Already missing your weekend dose of Ishqbaaz? No worries as a first installment to make your Saturday a brighter day, we are here with a Anika centric article. Don’t worry you will also get your dose of Shivaay and ShivIka during the weekend. But for now enjoy this write up on the bindaas live wire Anika.

With Shivaay and Anika’s characters in the show, Ishqbaaz has literally turned the tables when it comes to the concept of characterization. These two characters of Anika and Shivaay have evolved over time and today they hold a standing among the very best characters on Indian television.

Anika, the female lead protagonist from Ishqbaaz is one character every writer will be proud of. She is smart, she is independent, she is bindaas and she is khidkitod. One cannot help but love and relate to Anika. And it is Surbhi Chandna who happens to play Anika to perfection.

Anika is one such character on TV from whom you can learn a lot. Yes indeed if you want life lessons, learn it from the gutsy and bindaas Anika.

Today we at Fuze are going to give our beloved readers the 5 life lessons that can be learnt from our very own Khidkitod character of Indian television, thy the name – Anika.

So here we go –


She Smiles Through Her Pain

Anika, as soon as a viewer listens to the name Anika, a smile automatically adorns their face.We often see a smiling Anika on screen but behind that plastered smile on her face there is a story to tell.

The way Anika has pulled through her life and smiled at every hardship thrown at her is commendable. The viewers right from the commencement of Ishqbaaz have seen Anika smiling through her tears, even when her heart is/was breaking.

She has never let her pain bring her down but rather has always fixed a smile on her face and pulled through. This is one lesson which everyone can learn from Anika.

She has smiled for the sake of Sahil and Shivaay living through the pain of hell and yet the smile was and is intact. A smile is the perfect remedy for all the pain and tears and Anika proves this.

Smile through your pain and pull through – learn it the Anika way!

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