Ishqbaaz – 5 Reasons Why You Would Love To Watch The Current Track Of The Show – SPOILERS


Gul Khan’s and 4 Lion’s hit show Ishqbaaaz has always kept the TRPs high with its interesting twists and storyline of the show. We would love to watch the current track of Ishqbaaaz because:

Shivaay And Anika From Ishqbaaz
Shivaay And Anika From Ishqbaaz

1. Anika loves Shivaay-

Anika has realized her love for Shivaay. But she also knows that Shivaay always favors blood, family and lineage over other things.

She also tried to avoid him but failed. She feels scared and weak as she doesn’t want Shivaay to be her weakness.

It will be interesting to see the couple confessing their love for each other.

Shivaay has been seen teasing the ‘Blushing’ Anika often. It will be exciting to see Shivaay blushing and also ShivIka’s romantic and sweet scenes in the near future.

Shivaay And Saahil In Ishqbaaz
Shivaay And Saahil In Ishqbaaz

2. Shivaay proves Saahil’s innocence and truth-

As per the current track, Saahil has been accused of stealing Tia’s necklace as per Tia, Shvetlana and Mrs. Kapoor’s plan.

They want to defame Anika and Saahil so that they leave the house. They are using Pinky in favor of them.

Mrs. Kapoor has blackmailed Shivaay to not support Saahil otherwise she will expose Omkara’s truth to everyone.

However, Saahil comes to know about Mrs. Kapoor and Shivaay’s conversation. He is ready to help Anika in all sorts.

In the upcoming episodes, Shivaay will prove Saahil’s innocence in his manner. Let’s vouch out for this!!

Shivaay And Anika From Ishqbaaz
Shivaay And Anika From Ishqbaaz

3. Shivaay introduces Anika as his wife in front of everyone-

Pinky wants Tia and Shivaay to celebrate Lohri together while Dadi wants Shivaay to celebrate their first Lohri with Anika.

Shivaay decides to celebrate Lohri with Anika. But she is miffed with him due to Saahil’s case.

However, Saahil will help Shivaay to convince Anika to celebrate Lohri with him.

On the other hand, Kapoor’s are rejoicing that they have defamed Anika but Shivaay has his own style.

He will celebrate Lohri with Anika and will introduce her as his wife to everyone.

Leneesh Mattoo and Neha Lakshmi Iyer

4. Rudra agrees to marry Chadda’s daughter-

Tej wants Omkara to marry Chadda’s daughter so that they can have a business merger. But Omkara is reluctant and refuses to marry her.

In the upcoming track, Rudra will agree to marry her because of family pressure. It will be interesting to see him realize his love for Saumya and Saumya realizing her love for him.

It will also be shocking for the family to know about Rudra and Saumya’s wedding.

Shivaay And Anika From Ishqbaaz
Shivaay And Anika From Ishqbaaz

5. Tia tries to kill Anika but unfortunately targets Shivaay-

Tia and Kapoor’s will get angry when Shivaay introduces Anika as his wife. The vamps of the show would be furious to see ShivIka enjoying together.

Tia will plan to kill Anika to remove her from her and Shivaay’s life completely. She hires a shooter to kill Anika.

But Shivaay gets targeted while saving Anika from getting hit.



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