Ishqbaaz : 5 Things That Only Nakuul Mehta Could Give To Shivaay To Aptly On Screen!

Nakuul Mehta
Nakuul Mehta

Nearly two years ago, another angry young man made an entry on screen and let’s just accept it, it wasn’t something never seen before on Indian TV because characters like these have been a favourite subject for most of the Indian TV soaps makers.

Rude, ruthless and for whom love is just a language and concept of entirely different planet but later a girl elicits a spark in his much………

Pheeki life and turns it down …oh yeah, heard it, seen it all too.

But now the question arises, if characters like these are so regular and frequent on screen, then what sets each one of them apart. Let’s make a correctional here rather, what sets Shivaay Singh Oberoi apart here?

Nakuul Mehta

Okay, by now I’m sure all you ladies must be muttering hundred reasons already and I’m none to disagree with them.

Shivay Singh oberoi is played by the enchanting man himself, Nakuul Mehta and there are certain somethings that he adds into the just regular character of angry young man and makes it appear larger than life!

Here are 5 personal touches that Nakuul Mehta gives to Shivaay Singh Oberoi to make it stand out of the conventional lot of male leads.

Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz
Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz

1. Who Talks On Phone Like That? –

Yeah exactly what we think! Have you ever noticed how Shivaay Singh Oberoi holds his phone?

Although he’s more of an expert at just toying with it and shredding it into pieces, the rare times he cares to listen to it, he just applies the do feet ki duri rule there, only letting a centimeter of device touch his ears.

You get we’re talking about his style of holding the phone at that atrangi angle, right? Yeah, that only!

It sometimes makes me ask him personally if he can really hear the voice at the other end?

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