Ishqbaaz : 5 Things That Only This Show Does With A Swag!


2. The No Law And Medical Rule –

We’re still trying hard to figure out what may have caused the hatred or dislike for the police and doctors here but the Oberois here don’t seem to be like a fan of either of the two.

Like hospitals and doctors only exist in selective cases and most of the times injured or diseased people are taken care of pretty well at home only.

And police, let’s just not talk about it. It’s totally fair to let the daughter in law of house sit and rest even if she’s a police officer by profession.

Now you can’t make her work and be the treacherous in laws no? And anyway police hasn’t ever had the capability in the past to solve anything too so it’s always better to turn detective yourself just like here in the show.

You can grab yourself diploma in spying and sherlock-ing for free!

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