Ishqbaaz : 8 Reasons Why Shivaay Singh Oberoi Has Transformed To Be The BEST HUSBAND For Anika!


Ishqbaaz rather very beautifully has weaved the tale of Shivaay and Anika’s journey and in the viewers’ hearts ShivIka have found a home.

The character of Shivaay Singh Oberoi, when was introduced, was a high and mighty man, filled with prejudices from top to toe. But then time changed and so did he.

Slowly Shivaay changed into a new leaf. And the change in him was brought forth by Anika and he changed just for her.

From being Anika’s boss, to the man she had feelings for, to turning into a monster towards her, to being her forced husband, to being her prince charming and knight in shining armour, to now being her official willful husband – he is her friend, philosopher, guide, lover, partner, all wrapped in one.

With every passing day Shivaay has proved himself to be the best husband for Anika. And now a stage has come when we have to say this, Shivaay may be a flawed, imperfect man but yet he is the best husband for his missus, Anika.

Shivaay is learning the tricks of the trade (read : love and marriage) and is excelling in the department just for his Anika.

As a special feature today we will give you 8 reasons why Shivaay Singh Oberoi is the best husband for Anika.

So without further ado, here we go –


A Man Who Owns Up His Mistakes And Rights Them –

No man or woman existing in the universe is perfect. And likewise even Shivaay Singh Oberoi is not perfect neither is he the epitome of perfection.

He has flaws, he has his shortcomings  and owing upto these, Shivaay has committed mistakes too. A few mistakes done by Shivaay cannot even be categorized as just mistakes. The man has sinned and there is other way to put it.

Who can ever forget the ghastly way Shivaay behaved with Anika and became the face of the beast breathing down her neck.

In the past as he turned into a monster and turned Anika’s life upside down, marrying her forcibly Shivaay was at receiving end of wrath from all sides.

But the tides of times changed and Shivaay underwent a 360 degree transformation. From the moment when he realized he has erred, he had sinned, the man took it upon on himself to right the wrong he committed.


From then to now Shivaay has come a long way and till date he strives hard to make it up to Anika. Though he has already earned her forgiveness.

Shivaay having full knowledge of the sin he did, the man has no qualms in accepting his wrongs and he owns up his mistakes without any hesitancy.

From time to time the man has got the guts to say how he had wronged Anika and he makes up for it too. How can Shivaay not be the perfect husband for Anika, while he wronged her in the past BUT he has gone on to make ever wrong RIGHT by her.

A man who owns up his mistakes and overcomes them, makes it right for his woman, is a perfect life partner indeed. Thus Shivaay is to Anika!

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  1. Tumhari izzat Meri izzat but now he himself disrobed her izzat.I hope after this raaz track the makers again don’t repeat this stupid another girl in Shivaay’s life crap just fed up of this.


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