Ishqbaaz : 7 Things That ONLY The Ardent Fans Of The Show Can Do – A FUN TAKE

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Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz is a one of a kind show. And when the show is one of a kind the FANS of the show too should be one of a kind, right? Ishqbaaz FANS are really those who are hatke and who are fun and frolic even in the most disaster situation.

The FANS of Ishqbaaz have their own TAKEBAAZI with regards to the happenings in their favourite daily soap.

Today we at Fuze thought why not highlight 7 things that no other FANS can and would do barring the followers and fans of Ishqbaaz.

So working on the idea, without much ado here we go.


The Leading Ladies Got Shot? – That Calls For A Party, Let’s Nacho!

Ishqbaaz Fandom is one vichitra fandom. Anika took a bullet shot at Shivaay and Gauri was shot too and Bam! Went the fans berserk. Not with worry but with happiness.

As Anika and Gauri were hit by the bullet fired from the gun, the fans partied all night. Not because they are heartless, not because they don’t love their girls, but in hope that their heroes, Shivaay and Omkara would go mad with plight and their hawa becomes tight with tension – One for his ‘Biwi’ and the other for his ‘Patni’.

With prayers that their Anika and Gauri reach the hospital, the fans partied harder but alas in Shivaay’s arms Anika just reached their bedroom and in Omkara’s arms Gauri reached theirs.

Dil Boley Oberoi
Dil Boley Oberoi

But as usual, in Ishqbaaz, no matter how hard the bullets strike, they are always supposed to play ‘zaraa zaraa touch me touch me’ with the leading ladies. You see, ‘Goli choo ke nikal jaati hai’ always and fans ki wishes pe phail jaata hai raita harharaaike!

The fans still wish their Anika and Gauri get shot again and this time around they hope that their hopes do not go tai tai phiss as earlier!

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  1. Literally…! These are the things which keep us hooked to the show..! Amazing it is.. Khidkitod show ke khidkitod fans u may say😂😂..

  2. Hooo. God!!i am a ardent fan of ib and after reading this i realized how crazy i am to wish all those things(every thing listed here..i wished of that happenning in ib)…soo funny.

  3. I can’t control my laugh I just enjoyed it while reading ur article thank u so much for this wonderful article

  4. 😂😂
    All the points are bang on! And yeah that champu was a terrible failure with his shayari and his curls.. Nowhere near our beloved jatadhari hippie. ❤

  5. Fuzey 😭❤ how greatly you understand us 😭❤❤
    This is 😂😂😂
    Yeah we’re the most hatke & khidkitod fandom ever😎😂 cuz IB is something💥💥💥

  6. Kaali Thakur is exclusive villain for rikara …. And rikara fans are waiting impatiently for him to return and take gauri….. He has nothing to do with Anika or bhavya


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